Please donate to help children whose parents have cancer!

My sister Emily (9 years old) and I wanted to make an impact in others lives especially other children.  We knew there were already so many nonprofits helping adults with cancer and helping kids with cancer, but not many supporting kids whose parents have cancer.  It was at that moment that Hot for Hope was created.  

Our goal is to support children whose parents have cancer with compassion and understanding.  All proceeds go to building care packages for these children (including books on what their parents are going through as well as a stuffed animal).  The donations also assist in sponsoring children to attend camps specialized for children whose parents have cancer and support groups led by licensed therapists. 

Fundraisers have been held to assist in raising the funds necessary to assist these special children going through such a difficult time as well as Stuffed Animal Drives.  All donations are greatly appreciated, no matter the size.

Thank you for supporting this very special nonprofit organization!

-Mikey & Emily


Thanks to corporate sponsor BREAKING DATA,

Hot for Hope is receiving a facelift with a new website and on the lookout for all of the changes!

​Hot for Hope supporting children whose parents have cancer