George Yessaian


Jessica Bradford ​ ​

VP of Marketing:

Mary Buckley

Community Outreach Coordinator-Midwest:

Lyndi Munro

Community Outreach Coordinator- Hawaii:

Renee  Osato-kawasaki


Mikey Yessaian

​Emily Yessaian

"​If we can help just one kid, then we've accomplished our goal!"

Mikey & Emily Yessaian


Community Outreach Coordinator-Eastcoast:

Ashley Moreland

​Hot for Hope supporting children whose parents have cancer 


Jenny Yessaian RN, MBA

​George Yessaian MBA

Our Board:

​Mary Buckley

Colleen Tripp: Social Media Director

Colleen McGuinness: Special Events Director

Lyndsey Hayden: Advocacy Director

​Courtney Vance

​George Yessaian

Jenny Yessaian