Help us support children whose parents have cancer


​Hot for Hope supporting children whose parents have cancer 

Hot for hope's goal

I'm Mikey, and I'm 10 years old and my sister Emily is 9.  We have watched our mom work within oncology for over 10 years and we know how devastating of a disease it is.  Hearing her stories of all the patients effected by cancer we knew we wanted to make an difference.  We knew there were already so many nonprofits that supported adults with cancer and children with cancer, but not many who supported children whose parents have cancer.  This is when Hot for Hope was created.  Our goal is to support children whose parents have cancer with compassion and understanding nationally.

Our endeavor began by selling coffee and hot chocolate across the street from our Elementary School as families walked to school.  The money raised from these purchases provided children whose parents have cancer with care packages (including stuffed animals and a book on parents with cancer) and sponsorship of children to attend camps specialized for kids whose parents have cancer.  The demand of these services far surpassed the money raised from hot chocolate and coffee.

Fundraisers have been held to assist in raising the money necessary to assist these special children going through such a difficult time as well as Stuffed Animal Drives.

We are looking for any donations or anyone interested in helping our non profit!

-Mikey & Emily